Forest Quilt

Forests are my favourite places on earth… full of life and colour.  As I worked on the Sky, Sea, and Shore quilt, I felt the need for a different colour scheme, and I work best when I am doing several things at once. So I began to work with the forest colours.  I thank God for filling the world with so much colour. This one will be worked in a series of large squares joined together, to keep the russets, browns, and greens alive in my room.

(I have to keep it simple, as I am not really a crochet fundis… just love colour and working with my hands!)

Forest Quilt

“Praise Him, hills and mountains, fruit trees and forests…”

Psalm 148:9

Sky, Sea, and Shore

It was one of those overcast days, and as a friend and I were traveling on the road that runs along the sea-side, I looked over the ocean and thought, “I wish I could keep these colours with me always.”  I loved the range of blues and greys, from powder blue sky, to slate ocean and rock, and the white curling waves highlighting the scene. So when we reached the centre, I promptly bought wool (yarn) and began this crocheted quilt… call it painting in yarn?

Here it is in the beginning stages… hope to post again when it is complete.


“He made everything beautiful in its time. He also placed eternity within them…”

Ecclesiastes 3:11

Fragrant for You

I would bloom for You;
Grow where I am planted
by Your dear hand –
field or forest,
mountain top,
desert sand –
Spread abroad Your fragrance
Throughout Your land.

“And thanks be to God,
Who …through us spreads everywhere
the fragrance of the knowledge of Him.”

2 Corinthians 2:14

Fire Rose

Fire Rose

My Shelter

Oh, that I had the wings of a dove!
I would fly to be at rest,
Far from the storm and tempest –
Sheltered within the warmth of Your love.

I hurry on to my Sheltered Place,
Far from all fear and strife;
In You I hide my life –
You are my Shelter, my Resting Place.

“Oh, that I had the wings of a dove!
I would fly away and be at rest…”

Psalm 55:6

(The link above is to my Art site)

Storm Approaching

Empty… Enough

Empty I stand before You, Lord –
The storeroom lies bare;
All that is mine has gone;
Nothing can I give –
No prayer,
No song.
Take what I have to give –
My wrong,
My care –
All I have to give –
And fill me with song;
Fill, that I may share
The overflow before You, Lord.

Jar Full of Sunlight

Looks like an empty jar… but the emptier it is the more sunshine it can contain. So, the question remains…

Is it really empty?

In All Things

Lord, help me
In all to see
A picture perfect
Of Thee.

Let not leaf
Fall to the ground
But Your voice calls in
The sound.

Let not bird
From his nest stirred
But my Father’s wings
Are heard.

Let not tree
Sway in the breeze
But comes Your love song
Through these!

Windows to Eternity

There is something of Eternity
Of which we see a part;
There is something of Eternity
Locked up in every heart;
I want to take the golden key
And turn the latch that sets it free,
So that together we will see
Through windows to Eternity.

 “After this, I looked and saw a portal that opened into heaven… ”

Revelation 4:1

(About this photograph: Everything was white, then suddenly the clouds parted and a window opened… and I could see right into Heaven… well, almost.  Just for a moment my heart glimpsed something of it, and that’s what I want to share with you… a little bit of heaven.)


I am their Teacher.
Their little faces are turned up to me, eager, expectant;
bright eyes shining like innocent stars filled with the sweet wonder
that only very little children have.
I am their Teacher;
they wait for me to speak.
I see perfect trust…
they are ready to believe every word I say.
They are ready to accept my word as their ultimate truth.
I am their Teacher.
Suddenly the awesome responsibility of what I say envelops me,
weighing on my shoulders like a thick, heavy blanket.
My words will shape their lives… will shape who they become.
My words will steer each little life along a path of thought
that will bring them somewhere.
My words will sink like stone…
or settle like dew.
My words will cause death, or bear life.
“Oh, Lord!” I cry.
“Let my words bring life to these tender plants placed in my care!”
The eight on my shoulders eases;
the heavy blanket settles like a prophet’s mantle.
I am their Teacher;
I will speak life to these little plants.


The Pregnant Silence

The Still Pool

I have been silent-
a waiting silence;
the pool is still.
Slowly currents merge,
words form,
swirling in the rill.
Deep below the surface.
thought upon thought
what was submerged,
breaks the surface
leaving word ripples;
and what was not
now is…
so the poetry of my soul is born.

Be silent before the Lord GOD!

Zephaniah 1:7

It's not what you see… it's how you look at it

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